Ensuring quality in the production of stainless steel drainage systems

Common sense, excellent craftsmanship and the most sophisticated production technology are combined to ensure the highest quality in our products.

Combining modern production processes and craftmanship
BLÜCHER employs a process-based approach in every step of the production of drainage products. Our facilities in Vildbjerg feature the most modern piping machinery in Europe for rolling and welding of pipes as well as laser cutting, deep drawing and punching, hand-welding, and acid pickling. We work with a strong combination of craftsmanship and robot technology to ensure short lead times and flexibility for customized solutions.

Certified quality assurance
BLÜCHER gives high priority to quality assurance, which is why we became ISO 9001-certified in 1991 as one of the first companies in Denmark. This means that we continuously control our entire production process from selection of suppliers to finished goods and packaging.

Thorough documentation and manual testing
Every single delivery of stainless steel is accompanied by a material certificate, documenting the compliance of the stainless steel with the requirements specified by BLÜCHER. Only if the material is in compliance can it be passed on for production. Before the final products are distributed to the customer, all of the products are manually pressure-tested to ensure they can withstand the pressure that arises when water flows through them. Our production processes are regularly checked through both internal quality assurance and external audits from Danish and foreign control bodies.


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