BLÜCHER puts values to practical use

Customers all over the world rely on our know-how, common sense and dedicated service.

Knowing how

At BLÜCHER, know-how really means knowing how. It means putting our more than 45 years’ experience in working with stainless steel to practical use in sustainable solutions. Solutions adapted to suit all kinds of building traditions and developed to keep up the flow in drainage applications.

We use our know-how to play an active part in setting international standards. Our product development department has its own testing facilities and co-operates with internationally recognized independent institutes, such as the Danish Technological Institute.

Common sense

At BLÜCHER, we have built our business using our common sense. We take a global approach by paying close attention to our markets and prioritizing our local presence which enables us to utilize our know-how and adapt our products and solutions to local building customs around the world.

Our common sense is also the reason why over time our production has only moved a few miles from where our founder created the very first floor drain grating. The flexibility and expertise we gain by combining high-tech production with solid craftsmanship and years of experience mean that we can quickly adapt to changes in customer and market needs and maintain short lead times, even for customized solutions.

Dedicated service

A high service level is an essential part of BLÜCHER. We provide our customers with a flexible and efficient service and make doing business with us easy.

Meeting and exceeding the demands of our customers is part of our culture. Every day, we provide technical advice, technical drawings for drainage projects and safe delivery of products worldwide. That is why our employees are our most valuable asset. Our production process is optimized so that we can provide customized solutions to meet our customers’ every drainage need.


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