BLÜCHER® Grease Separators - a modern evolution of the traditional grease/fat trap.

Our Grease Separators are based on biological grease treatment, which uses nature’s own technology to break down fat, oil and grease – naturally.


Regular treatment of the drainage system with liquid digestion media from BLÜCHER or in connection with our Grease Separator the biological additives creates a living-culture of bacteria, which is breaking down fat, oil and grease throughout the day.

The digestion media can be introduced either manually or automatically by using one of BLÜCHER’s automatic dosing units.


Easy connection

BLÜCHER® Grease Separators fit into the BLÜCHER® EuroPipe, which is a lightweight drainage pipework.



Like our other products, BLÜCHER® Grease Separators are made of stainless steel with a smooth surface, which makes it easy to clean.


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Mini drain marine

Drain with water trap for cabins - 68 mm built-in height • Low-height drain for applications where installation height is limited • For welding into steel floor/deck • Low-height 2-part water trap included

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