Case: Vacuum System Refit at MS KOI Party & Event Vessel


New installed Vacuumpump station

BLÜCHER piping for black water incl. ball valves

BLÜCHER pipes for vacuum toilet connection

Onboard the Party & Event vessel MS KOI a new solution for the sanitary system was needed. Main aim was to save as much fresh water as possible.

After inspection of the existing situation and discussions how a solution could look like, a solution using water free urinals (gravity flow) and a vacuum system to collect all black waters were suggested.

New water-ring pumps for vacuum creation have now been installed, all toilets and also all the urinals have been replaced, all the existing piping systems needed to be removed and new routing and pipes to be installed. For piping system, BLÜCHER push fit piping for all gravity and also all vacuum piping were chosen.

Shipyard and owner decided to follow these recommendations and did all the system piping with BLÜCHER, including deck penetrations, ball valves and the piping.

During system installation, the flexibility and easy installation of BLÜCHER pipes were highly appreciated from the pipe fitting company. During commissioning of the vacuum system, the excellent performance and tightness of the BLÜCHER push fit pipe system has been shown.

MS KOI is today a modern party and event vessel for up to 550 passengers and sails in the North Sea and on the Baltic coasts for the company Adler Schiffe.

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To get more information about this project please contact Area Sales Manager Marine John Kjærsgaard Louring.

Project facts:

Ship owner:     Adler-Schiffe GmbH

Shipyard:         Husumer Schiffswerft

Size:                 L: 53.6 m B: 10.1 m

Products:         BLÜCHER® Pipes and fittings, BLÜCHER® Penetrations & Ball Valves for BLÜCHER piping

Timeline:         Q4 2017

Purpose:          Party & Event vessel for up to 550 passengers

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