NEW System-X Transition Adaptor

The easy transition coupling connection to other steel piping systems

This new BLÜCHER® System-X Transition Adaptor is designed to easy connect the BLÜCHER® EuroPipe system to other piping systems.

This is the ideal solution for marine refurbishment projects as the jointing still is a push-fit solution, which gives a much faster installation time compared to a coupling solution or a welded solution.



• The BLÜCHER® EuroPipe system can easily be connected to other pipe systems by using System-X transition adaptor.

• Fast installation due to push-fit connection

• Both for vacuum and gravity systems

• Ideal for refurbishment/refit projects

• Material AISI 316L


In this video you can see an introduction on how to these new adaptors.


Learn more about System-X Transition Adaptors.


Contact our Marine Team to get further information about this easy adaptor solution for your next marine refurbishing project.

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