Channels on board

BLÜCHER® Channel stainless steel drainage channels are modular deck drainage solutions for use in galleys, pantries, door openings, outside deck areas, etc. Drainage channels are available to suit all deck finishes with a range of gratings developed to suit the varying load-bearing and flow demands. Outlets are available with a removable water trap and where applicable a filter basket to prevent solids discharging into the drainage system.

The numerous advantages of BLÜCHER® Channel

  • All in stainless steel
  • Modular system providing numerous possible combinations
  • Multi-adjustable
  • Excellent flow and self-cleansing properties
  • Perfect hygiene
  • Wide range of gratings for any load class
  • Removable water trap for easy cleaning

Our technical experts are always willing to assist you in selecting the right channel for your requirements based on water flow, waste products, weight load and floor covering.

Customized solutions
We are specialised in customized solutions. Please contact us, and we will make a solution fulfilling exactly your requirements.

Mini drain marine

Drain with water trap for cabins - 68 mm built-in height • Low-height drain for applications where installation height is limited • For welding into steel floor/deck • Low-height 2-part water trap included

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