BLÜCHER Marine products for AVEVA 3D CAD solutions

The BLÜCHER marine products (BLÜCHER® EuroPipe and BLÜCHER® Drain Marine) are available for AVEVA’s 3D CAD shipbuilding solution. The products are available in PDMS format and can be applied in the planning, design and engineering process with AVEVA’s shipbuilding software. The software was formerly known as Tribon which was taken over by AVEVA in 2004.

Download BLÜCHER components
This download consists of data and files that contain BLÜCHER® EuroPipe and BLÜCHER® Drain Marine components for PDMS or AVEVA Marine.

Please see the BLÜCHER Readme file in the folder for further information regarding contents and installation.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of this BLÜCHER component library into AVEVA Marine Outfitting and/or AVEVA PDMS, please read the “Readme” file available in the download.

Any questions regarding BLÜCHER’s drawings can be directed to Jan Oppelstrup (jo(at)

Mini drain marine

Drain with water trap for cabins - 68 mm built-in height • Low-height drain for applications where installation height is limited • For welding into steel floor/deck • Low-height 2-part water trap included

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