A fire-resistant, light-weight, hygienic and lasting solution

Stainless steel is a clean, durable, corrosion resistant material with a design life expectancy of over fifty years.

The BLÜCHER® sanitary discharge system comes in 2 stainless steel grades, AISI 316L and AISI 304. BLÜCHER normally recommends the use of AISI 316L because the risk of corrosion, caused by an aggressive environment, is significantly reduced or eliminated entirely by choosing the molybdenum stainless steel type AISI 316L.

In some products, in which part components are used that are not exposed to sewage water and consequently not affecting the functionality or lifetime of the product, these part components may be made from other materials or alloys than specified for the complete products.

Fire resistant

  • Non combustible
  • No need for special fire insulation
  • No toxic fumes released in case of fire


  • Low weight - high strength
  • Weight only one third of cast iron
  • Larger pipes are easily handled by one man


  • Low surface roughness
  • High flow capacity
  • No bacterial growth
  • No blockages

Long life time

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Resistant to impact damages
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations

Mini drain marine

Drain with water trap for cabins - 68 mm built-in height • Low-height drain for applications where installation height is limited • For welding into steel floor/deck • Low-height 2-part water trap included

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